Saturday, August 15, 2009

Walk Like A Man...

Growing up, I remember weekends where Dad would take me to the video store with him to rent a few movies. One that I distinctly remember seeing on the shelf was "Walk Like A Man." I remember it because it had Howie Mandel on the cover, squatting, like a dog, smiling and a collar around his neck. I don't know anything else about the movie... I never watched it. I just knew that he was a spaz. Then, I listened to a recording of his stand- up routine, "Fits Like A Glove," and soon confirmed that fact for myself.

Now, in my twisted head, I keep playing word association with that title and keeps coming back to "walks like a duck." That analogy basically says, if it looks like something, it probably IS that something. And it is my professionally unprofessional opinion that we have many Congress men and women who are not walking like ducks. In fact, they are more like ostriches.

Now, more than ever, when we need OUR voices heard in Washington D.C., our "fearless leaders" are hiding their heads in the sand. They are resolving to scare tactics, name calling and shunning the very same people that voted them into office. This really yanks my chain... and from many accounts, it seems I am not alone.

Let me make this clear to you, the reader. I have no close political friends, I am not close to any lawmakers, I have not even met many of them. I found out recently that a friend of mine is a Republican Lobbyist in Kentucky, my home state, and I am quite proud of him. Politics look different from the bottom up, than they do from the top down. I think many of our Senators and Representatives on BOTH sides of the aisle have lost touch with the people, and this is VERY dangerous.

Take for example, Arlen Specter (D-PA). For many years he was a Republican, and a quite outspoken one. This past spring, he switched his party affiliation "to better represent his constituents." Okay, fine! but when your constituents voted you in as a Republican and turn on them midstream, what does that really say??? It tells me that you are scared of what is happening and to save your job in the next election cycle, you jumped ship to cover your own butt! Mr. Specter, how dare you!

But you are seeing the fruits of your deceit now, aren't you? I see that your town hall meetings are the talk of National Media! Good for you! You have gotten the attention you deserve! And all that heckling and shouting from the people, that's not real, right? Your people aren't mad at you! Why those are all just Conservative Special Interest Group Plants, right? Right?!?

Mr. Specter, you are not the only one. Many of the town hall meeting are having their Representatives being met with angry constituents shouts, waving signs and booing. Yes, booing! Many of you expected to come home to cheers and ticker tape parades "thank you Mr. Rep and Mrs. Senator. thank you for giving us healthcare." when in reality, you are shell shocked.. and I find it rather humorous. You see, not all of us are dumb. We know when we smell a rat. We know when our health is threatened and out very lives are being unjustly fitted with price takes and regressing stopwatches. And what happens when those timepieces hit triple zeroes? Are we now worthless to society? What happened to valuing our elders and taking care of those in need?

And if this healthcare package is so damn good, why won't you sign on the dotted line to use it yourselves? The reason is: you know! You know that this healthcare package is full of holes and is less about insuring the sick and more about controlling the general public. If it WAS about insuring those who need it, why is it that the bill states "as many as 17 million Americans may still be uninsured after 2017?" So are those people really yelling at you for a good reason now?


I know there are others. Out of the 535 Congressmen we have, most of them (mainly Democrats and some Republicans who have given the bill a shaky 'thumbs up') have stopped having town hall meetings, stating safety reasons. Now, let's be honest. I am no fool, so treat me like a fool. you don't like the boos and jeering. It is okay, sports figures get it daily. We know you can't take it. But there is a difference in "T-Rexing" a pass down the middle of the field, and playing Russian Roulette with our lives.

But I also know that both sides are going to demonize the other and show what they want you to see. So I know the truth is in the middle somewhere. There are less protesters shaking fists and more that are asking concerned questions. Are you giving them the answers they are looking for, or are you tap dancing around it? We deserve the truth. After all, YOU work for us, not the other way around. You will want to remember that in 2010.

There is another side to the coin. There are people that take it WAY too far. Rep. John Scott (D-GA), A well spoken black American, had a swastika painted on the sign to his offices in Atlanta this week. This is just simply UNACCEPTABLE! I am embarrassed for whoever did that, and I hope they are found and punished to the fullest extent of the law. No matter what side of the fence you are on, this man did not deserve this! You do not represent the vast majority of us who believe in usurping the iron rod of the tyrants! You are hate filled beings and we don't need your bile to tarnish us.

Now on the subject of the name calling: SHAME ON YOU ALL! (you know who you are) We are not brownshirts, Nazis, Stormtroopers, KKK members and most of all we are NOT UN-American. I implore you, left wing Statists, to come up with LOGICAL arguments and discussions on these things that matter most to us. In fact, America was founded because we PROTESTED government control of out religions and unfair representations. Remember the Boston Tea Party... the original one? We are a nation of rebels! And when out liberties are at stake WE WILL REBEL!

In closing, I guess what I really want to say is this: Mrs. Boxer (D-CA)... and others, I will call you "Senator," when you start ACTING like one! Walk like a SENATOR!

I think we know where I am going with that!

Nothing's safe...

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