Friday, September 4, 2009

Are Conservatives getting in the way of Conservatism?

First and foremost, I do not want you to misunderstand the concept of this blog. The idea behind "Nothing's Safe" is that anyone can make mistakes or do things that will hinder a certain movement or idea. And this can come from anyone, anywhere, any faction. I want to instill an air of accountability into the Conservative movement. We need to realize that Conservatism does not START in Washington with our Representatives. It starts at home.

We are in control of our liberties and ideas, as the Founders of this country wanted. But sometimes, that value is challenged by outside forces. Liberals, for the most part, are liberal about everything BUT your divine civil liberties- we know this, as this is one of the fundamental gripes I have with most Liberals. But there are many times where our enemy looks stunningly like the person in the mirror. We get in our own way so many times that it is like we have tied our own shoelaces together to play a prank on someone else. But the joke is always on us.

I am afraid that we are currently facing one of those times where WE are our own worst enemies, and we must do something about that NOW. The subject that has been racing around my brain all day is President Obama's speech to our children on Tuesday. We are right to be skeptical on many things that has come out of Washington over the past few months... and honestly over the past 16 years. It is our civic duty to "Question with boldness," as Glenn Beck reminds us daily. This topic is no different.

I must warn you to not fall victim to the monsters we have helped create, my fellow Conservatives. There are bigger pitfalls ahead. While Obama has surrounded himself with many self-avowed Communists, Marxists shaking an iron rod of tyrannical change, and Fascists that bind us in the galling chains of "21st century slavery," we huddle ourselves around our family and friends and put up a wall to help protect those we love. In this case of the school speech, this is EXACTLY what the Radical Left wants!

Are you confused? Don't be! Be vigilant in seeking the truth and you will be rewarded. What I want you to do on Tuesday is very simple: LISTEN. That's it- just listen. Now, before you fly off the handle and call me an Obama apologist, let me explain.

Take off the mantle of the conspiracy theorist for a minute and lets look at this in a different way. The target of this speech MAY NOT be our children, though I am sure that there are many well founded concerns of Obama "indoctrinating" our kids, Vladimir Lenin style. The REAL target audience in this, are those people that CHOOSE to pull their kids out of the classroom when Obama speaks. The Liberals want a ground swell of people to do this. Why? Political gain, of course.

I hate to say this, but your children are more than likely just pawns in all this. The Liberals want to use you that pull your kids out of that speech. You will be their rallying cry for healthcare and many other programs that will come down the pipe this Fall. You may very well be working against conservatism, and without your realization! I am sorry if this upsets some of you, but it is the truth. Think of it like this, the Health Care Speech with the joint session of Congress is the next day. What better way to help get that pendulum swinging to the left than to have our President say something about "conservatives not caring about our kids" because of our actions on Tuesday. "They don't care about education, so they OBVIOUSLY don't care about health care." Do you see where I am going yet?

Now we have to look at both sides. What if Obama is just giving our kids a "stay in school" speech or something to that extent. Regan did it. Nancy Regan instituted the "Just Say NO!" program in the late 80's (remember the green tee shirts?). Bush 41 did it. How is this bad if Obama does it? I know that we have to look at everything he does and question it, but what if? What if all these fears of indoctrination and poisoning our kids are false? We look like idiots if that is the case and this will only cause us many problems for us and for our country, as the months progress. We, in essence, have helped the Liberal cause of MORE government and LESS individual liberty. By choosing to not participate, we do ourselves more harm than good.

What I am really trying to say is: We begin to lose ourselves- as individuals and as a group- when we stop listening to what is going on. I am afraid that too many hardline conservatives are still turning their back on what could be a golden opportunity. Whether we like him or not, and let me be clear- I DON'T, he is still our President. Who are we to preach First Amendment rights when, in this case, we are truly censoring our own President? Are we not hypocrites then? If we stop listening, we are no better than Sheila Jackson-Lee talking on a cell phone when a cancer patient asked her questions at the town hall meeting!

So I say this: Let our kids listen too. Ask questions. Ask the teachers and administrators questions. Demand honesty. If possible, sit in with your kids and listen with them. It would be a good experience for both of you. Learn from them and other parents and teach them as you can. Have open and honest discussions about the speech. If we do this, I promise you that nothing but good will come out of this, and we will be one step closer to winning our country back.

I also say this: if the fears of Obama attempting to use our youth in unethical ways and the very seeds of indoctrination do begin to be sown, then rally your troops and call for his impeachment! We cannot condemn him for something he hasn't done yet (although this is a tactic Liberals use all the time). It's not like the movie Minority Report; "Pre-crime" does not exist. We can prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And if the worst does come about, we will be ready to force out the Radicals with our voices! True protection is not about closing ourselves off or shutting others out. It is about acquiring as much knowledge as we can and using it in the best possible way to defend our liberty. Do not bend truths, do not make false accusations for this is the very action against which we are fighting. Do not participate in vile name calling, for then you are lowering yourself to play on Van Jones' and Nancy Pelosi's level. The only way to overcome your enemy is to be better than your enemy.

Walk hand in hand with the truth, as we march shoulder to shoulder towards winning our country back from those who want to fully take it from us.

Nothing's safe...