Thursday, August 13, 2009

I AM THe Angry Mob!

allow me to introduce myself! My Name is Christopher Francis... and I am one of many!

I am a 32 year old Southern conservative. I am a Christian. I have many interests and hobbies; too many to name really, but nothing is off limits here.

But most importantly, I have something to say. I am the Angry mob!

I want to let you know that there is a change about to happen in this country and many of you will not like it... and I frankly don't care. You see, we have a voice, a loud one, an angry one, a concerned one. We have ideas, and thoughts about the goings-on of this administration and we will stand up. WE are not the ones that caused the problems in Washington; we are the ones that are having to clean up the muck that has fallen through the cracks. We are the ones that are forced to bail out bankers, automotive big wigs and others with our money when they are the ones who misuse their power. We are the ones who are being forced to pay the tab of those who are not here legally as they are granted more benefits medically than our Senior Citizens.

WE know when we are being duped and we can only take so much double speak before we act. And, friends, it is time to act! No longer is it enough to listen to the Limbaughs, Hannitys, Levins and Ingrams of the world. We must act! There are town halls to attend, letters to write, emails to send and Congress people to call. We vote with our dollars, our voices, our minds.

One thing that our government needs to remember is that they work for US, not the other way around. They need to fear us and listen to us, not vice versa. They are our representatives, we are not their serfs! For the longest time, it has been flipped the wrong way and it is the intention of this writer to gather people to help turn this world back over. Change can only happen when WE allow it to happen. We will choose a health care plan that works for us, not for Liberal control of us. We will protect our sovereignty. We will speak out!!

The intent of this blog is to unearth the lies and hidden agendas of our government and to give us, the common man, a voice that shall be heard. I want YOUR input as much as I want to give mine. I want all the Legislators in each State as well as Washington D.C. to know who we are and what we stand for. I stand by the Constitution of this United States and will join in with others to protect ALL of our liberties.

I may not agree with your words and opinions, but I will damn sure fight for your RIGHT to say them!! So put me on that "snitch list," let me speak out on what this Administration is doing wrong! I will bring the (no longer) silent majority with me.

Nothing's Safe. Capitol hill, beware.

We are coming...

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