Monday, August 17, 2009

R.I.P. Fishy emails!

I have to hand it to you, America. Sometimes we really amaze me! I want to congratulate you on the demise of a vile government program: the Healthcare Snitchlist! I mean lets face it, How cool is it to take a weapon to be used on the American people... not just Conservatives but any concerned citizen... and turn it against its creators! Instead of snitching on others who opposed "Obama-care" (buyer beware on that: see below), walking unafraid, we snitched on ourselves. Many thanks to Steven Crowder, who made the effort public, and the thousands of others: Michelle Malkin, Bill Whittell (I hope I spelled his name correctly), Ann Coulter and all of us normal citizen who will not take Radical Fascism in this country. If you did not see the movement, click here.

But we need to take time for a special thank you to one who really helped drive the nail in the coffin: Major Garrett. Major, you talked down Robert Gibbs (which I think my niece could do nowdays). You exposed the truth behind the snitchlist and asked the painful questions that make the Radical Left squirm. You even made Gibbsy-poo so mad that he STOPPED TALKING and changed direction!!! (side note: did you see how red his face got?) Now, as a White house Press Secretary, is it a good thing to stop talking?? I don't remember Ari Fleischer being so gobsmacked (as they say in Britain). Just wondering.

On Major's blogsite, (<--- neat trick huh? ) he talks in detail about the demise of the flag email address and the changes to the "Reality Check" website. Most curious of all: NO PRESS RELEASE! Oh Gibbs, where are you?? Nick Shapiro seems to have tipped into the same Kool-aid. If you read earlier posts to Major's blog, you can see that he asked several questions that simply did not get answered. Many others were given very stock, very vague spin. I think we are learning the real truth one person at a time.

So what happens now? What happens to the emails that WERE sent? What happens to the addresses that were collected? (I sure hope mine was one of them.) Most, of all how did you get these emails? If they were from outside sources, what sources? We deserve to know! Inquiring minds want to know.

I want to warn you all: THIS IS NOT THE END! Too many questions are still left unanswered. We are getting wise to their tactics, and they are learning NEW tactics. We must proceed with caution. Be wary of this lull and of that in the Health Care Public option, both will show up again, IF WE ARE NOT WATCHING. Now, more than ever, we need our Representatives... that includes you, Ben Chandler (thank you Howard!)... to listen to us and READ the bills before voting on them! I find it shameful and a severe disservice to the American public for our Congressmen to not know on what they are voting. When you don't properly represent us, we WILL replace you.

The push is on.

So america, send your thanks to the guy in Row 2, seat 4, Major Garrett. His tenacious style of journalism kept us informed and made our voices heard!

nothing's safe....

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