Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I *heart* Alan Grayson!

For the few the few that know me, you know that I am a pretty laid back guy. I am passionate about many things but try not to get worked into a tailspin on most things. There are, however, people or actions that make me want to melt down into a Gordon Ramsay style tirade (Yes, Hell's Kitchen just aired). Granted, I do not have a trash bin to kick or a pan of over-salted risotto to hurl at a hapless line cook, but a real miserable git reared his thick head this week and got my blood boiling: Alan Grayson (D-FL, Orlando to be exact).

I have to fully admit that when I lived in Orlando, I did not jump into the political scene. I love the area, have loads of close friends there and the warm, relaxed atmosphere of the area really puts me at ease. I feel at home there. I am in Atlanta now, a hot bed for all sorts of things really, but I do plan on returning to Central Florida soon. And I am going to do my part in making sure this fell beast of a politician is voted out of office.

One of my favorite things about Atlanta is Neal Boortz. I listen to him every morning, and sometimes really late at night if I cannot sleep because the local AM talk radio station replays his broadcast. His irreverent style and " nasty personality disorder," make listening a joy and well worth the nomination into the Radio Hall of Fame this year. Congrats, Neal! you deserve this award... right next to Dr. Demento.

Earlier this week, Our Dearly Beloved Representative (can you tell I am a sarcastic bloke?) held a Town Hall meeting to discuss the health care debacle, as outed on Boortz's broadcast. Good for him... or is it? Let us count the ways Grayson did something shady. You can find the report here.

1) Grayson chose a local IBEW union hall as his battleground!
2) He also gave the public a very short notice, less that 48 hours!
3) He chose this particular hall because it holds a whopping 125 people!
4) Immediately before his meeting, was a separate meeting of the LOCAL DEMOCRATS... in the same hall... and was scheduled on a previous date!!! (heinous, isn't it?)

Do the math, those that made it into a seat for Grayson's soiree were already there! This was CLEARLY stacked against the people of his Congressional District. By some accounts, 95 of the 125 in the first meeting stayed for the second (and that is their right, so not fault to them on that). I am sure there was a load of spin at the podium and communications sent back and forth to ENSURE a biased meeting, and that is where the real sin of the matter is found. All in all, this only allowed 30 new people in the room. Real concerned citizens- Military Vets, housewives, men and women of all walks of life- were blatantly shut out from being heard by their Representative!

SHAME ON YOU, ALAN! Hundreds of your voters, on both sides of the aisle, were left out, and no chance of rebuttal. The Orlando Sentinel reports that citizens were even kept from seeing their Congressman by local police (a la Sheila Jackson- Lee... but thats another blog)! So many have given up, but I know there are others, like me who are ready to fight.

I encourage you to please stay vigilant and keep calling and sending emails and letters to Mr. Grayson. You control the key to his re-election. Your voice is not just heard on Tuesdays in November. Your civil liberties are at stake, it is up to you to fight! Make this Obama-phile a one term Congressman.

nothing's safe...

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