Friday, August 14, 2009

The FCC vs. Private Radio

So I am listening to Talk radio last night, and I hear the host of this program (a Libertarian, if I may add) talk about the FCC's new Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) and a plan to force private broadcasters to fund public broadcasting. I had to do more research! I didn't want to misrepresent any information. You know there are watch lists for that! (yes that was a snide remark).

So I found on the article in question (linked below) and was stunned to see what it contained. Now, granted I am a neophyte to this political blogging game; I am learning who is more credible than others... but I know when something smell foul. And this content reeks of it.

In a nutshell, Matt Cover states that Mark Lloyd, the new CDO, is calling to mane "private broadcasting companies pay licensing fees EQUAL TO THEIR TOTAL OPERATING COSTS to allow public broadcasting outlets to spend the SAME on their operations as private companies do."

Read that closely... get your gears turning. Now start asking questions!

Okay, first question... after WTF that is... Why? Why do this? Lloyd's idea is to "dramatically upgrade and revamp the Corporation for Public Broadcasting through new funding drawn from private broadcasters."

... *scratches head*...

So by FORCING the private companies to pay fees that literally DOUBLE their operating expenses, it will help the CPB, created by Congress mind you, who relies heavily on charity and federal subsidies. now here is the kicker. In fiscal 2009, the CPB is receiving an appropriation of $400 MILLION! Thats 400 MILLION without counting CHARITY!!!! Why do they NEED the money being forced out of private investors pockets?

Now, I believe in charity and think it is a virtue that we all should embrace. But when an entity forces you to take something you worked for, and give it to cause- as just or as foul as it may be- I have a problem with it! Taking out of my pocket to put into yours is not the act of a modern day Robin Hood, it is blatant Socialism at work. The greater good should come from the GREATER GOOD, not by the forced police state of the law.

Lloyd wrote in his 2006 book, Prologue to a Farce: Communications and Democracy in America, that the CPB " must be reformed along democratic lines and funded on a substantial level." Translation: We need this supposedly non-partisan organization to be more liberal in ideal and we need YOUR money, Mr. Successful Private Radio Broadcaster, to fund it. By any means necessary.

But, Lloyd goes further still. Check this out! He said he would "regulate much of the programming on these stations to make sure that they focused on diverse views." Moreover, the broadcasters "should be REQUIRED to encourage and broadcast diverse views and programs... including coverage of all government meetings, daily news and public issues." This means that you cannot have a solely conservative... or liberal for that matter... talk radio show. It has to be equal parts. But according to a 2007 report by the Center for American Progress, 91% of talk radio is conservative and that "large corporate broadcasting networks had driven liberals off the radio." Okay, so the listening public had NOTHING to do with it?? The lack of CREDIBLE liberal radio content had nothing to do with it?? I see. So, let's put 2 and 2 together and we all now know where this is going: STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA!

Do we know any country that does that? Name two! IRAN and VENEZUELA perhaps?? Selah!

(that's Hebrew for "think about it!)

Furthermore, the INCREASE of the "non-biased" programming on all radio stations will also effect another part of radio's economy... the MUSIC business. These sweeping changes in ideals will cause a distinct decrease in ALL music programming- local and national, rock, pop and classical, signed and unsigned. Now as of this moment, only about 17% of the country even listen to talk radio, and the BULK of that is sports talk radio. Therefore, 83% of the country listen to radio for MUSIC programming. By enacting these changes, the CPB, FCC and other liberal groups, are going to slash the amount of music, new and old, that will be heard on ANY radio! Do you see how the snowball begins to grow yet?

Now i am not going to re-write the article that Matt Cover wrote, he did a bang up job himself! Thank you for sharing it with us. I do, however, want to bring to attention some of the things that are going on that of which our Administration is not telling. These changes are going to CRIPPLE and industry that our country has been relying on for well over 100 years. We will see myriad fewer radio stations on the air and those that ARE working, will be highly regulated, censured and powerful. (Remember, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING)

... and who is to say that the regulations stop there??? I mean after all, there is TV, video, and internet still to be conquered!

nothing's safe....

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