Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay, people. One thing that I love in a truly genuine way is kids. I have 2 nieces (Emily, 14 and Cortlyn, 14 months) and a nephew (Ben, 17) whom I adore (even though the older two can be real tools at times... but hey, so can I), and have great families around them. I am proud of them all.

Sadly, in this country, there are many... too many in my opinion... that are not healthy and need help. I do believe in charity and I think kids are worth the charity.

...and ice cream. So how can we have ice cream, kids and charity at the same time? simple. go to Dairy Queen TODAY, August 13, 2009. when you buy a Blizzard, DQ donates $1 of the proceeds from EACH treat to the Children's Miracle Network! There are hundreds of stores, so one is close by, I am sure. I am sure we can help them raise over $1 million to help these kids!

One of my dear friend's daughter, Lucie, was helped tremendously at birth because of this organization. They saved her life and she is a very happy fun-loving little girl now! This organization works!!!

go to for details

thank you and go enjoy some ice cream! don't buy one BIG one, buy 2 little ones... that's more for the kids!

....Just don't eat it too fast... brain freeze is painful.

p.s. thanks Katie Stuart for reminding me.